Indonesian government new manual: How to cut your daughter.

by Maha Al Aswad


Photo: Natalie Bailey/IRIN

Ministry of health in Indonesia is advising health professionals to “scrape the skin covering the clitoris, without injuring the clitoris”, as a medically safe form of FGM/C !!!!!

“This will give doctors a new motivation to circumcise [girls] because now they can say the Ministry of Health approves of this, and the Indonesian Ulamas’ Council approves of it..”

Of course. Who else can be behind all this mess.  Ulama ( Majelis Ulama Indonesia – MUI) is Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body.

Though FGM/C was banned in 2006, two of Indonesia’s Muslim organizations, including the largest and mostly moderate Nahdlatul Ulama, ultimately condone the practice advising “not to cut too much”, and, as a result, many continue to perform the procedure.